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A Tutorial Jam game derived from Part 1 of OSM Studios' Love2d Platformer Tutorial. Use left arrow and right arrow or A and D to move horizontally; use up arrow or W to jump. (The screen wraps in both dimensions.) Press Escape or close the window to end the game.

Two files are provided:

  • recolored platforms v0.9.love is a .love archive of the code and assets. You will need to download and install LÖVE to play. When that is installed, it will load the included file and run the game.
  • recolored platforms v0.9 win.zip contains a folder with an executable package for Windows and the LÖVE DLLs to make it run.

Install instructions

If you are downloading the .love archive of the game materials, you must have LÖVE installed to play.


recolored platforms v0.9.love 832 kB
recolored platforms v0.9 win.zip 4 MB

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