This piece is intended to be experienced in a single sitting. It takes a long time, and is about it taking a long time. (You can do other stuff during it, though - we often do.)

Press the x key/button to start, the z key/circle button to toggle animations (the typing and deletion of the text, the blinking cursor, and the clock in the lower right), and the left or right arrow to toggle between dark mode and light mode. These controls will continue to work in the same way for the entire duration.

If you pause by pressing Enter or p (we recommend doing so on the title screen before the performance starts), there will be an "Enable Debug" option in the menu. When this is enabled, you can skip ahead in the piece by pressing the up arrow or back by pressing the down arrow.

The full text of the slides is available in the "1960  no 7 script.txt" file and the full audio in "1960_no_7.flac" and "1960_no_7.mp3". While the script was written with an intention of being read in synchrony with the music, it is readable on its own, and the music is well-suited to be listened to during other tasks.


Made withPICO-8
TagsExperimental, Minimalist, Music
Average sessionAbout an hour


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1960_no_7.p8.png 20 kB
1960 no 7 script.txt 8 kB
1960_no_7.flac 109 MB
1960_no_7.mp3 82 MB

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